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  • We provide opportunities to strengthen а negotiating position.


We offer a service to organizations to enhance their negotiation capabilities. We provide constant professional support for personnel training, planning and effective negotiation process.


For sales departments of commercial organizations or customer services, for high-level corporate negotiators in project businesses or contractors, for all whose success depends on their interaction with customers.


The service is based on the development of standards, basic materials and negotiation methods, taking into account the experience of the organization, industry and regional specifics. And on the education, training and support of the negotiators.

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At the first stage, research is carried out to determine the existing experience and the level of training of the negotiating team, the best industry practices at the international level and local behavioral characteristics of people are studied. Negotiation standards are developed and tested on the basis of our knowledge and data obtained from research. These standards include detailed instructions and negotiation scenarios.
In the second phase, basic negotiation materials, training program and training materials are developed.
At the third stage, we accompany the project, conduct training for employees and their periodic training. We provide consulting support.


The first part is the one-time research and development costs of the project.
The second part of the cost is the cost of training employees.
The third part of the cost is the monthly maintenance fees.
For your convenience, we have created a special calculator that allows you to estimate the approximate cost of the project.

Estimated Cost Calculator*

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* This calculator calculates the cost for example only. It cannot be used to determine the actual cost of services for a real project.


The MEETSUPPORT.SERVICES project was created by the MARK BRAUS MEDIA media division of MARK BRAUS company. In total, we have created 12 media services that allow an organization to form its own information field and fill it with content. While each service is self-contained and can be used on its own, sharing is the most effective. Each of the services performs a different function, and together they provide the necessary “touch” with the audience at all stages of marketing. These are outsourcing services that enable an organization to engage in its core business, and not build up media infrastructure and competencies for a marketing project that does not imply monetization of a media product. At the same time, the organization can immediately operate with professional content congruent to its level.

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You can get acquainted with the services in more detail on the site IIn addition to information on each individual service, the site also has a section dedicated to an integrated media program. If necessary, a complex media program can be created, which will be built as a combination of several different services.


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MEETSUPPORT.SERVICES is located in Kiev, in the central part of the city. We are located only 10 minutes from the metro Lukyanivka, at the intersection of Sichovyh Striltsev and Chornovil Street, which is convenient for clients.